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1988 Award for Excellence in Drawing from Art Horizons. New York. Work in private collections around the globe. P.G.Rob is Robyn's art pseudonym .She is an experienced and qualified Art teacher with a B.A in English literature and Media Studies, and an illustrator and painter.She prefers to work in watercolour for book illustration but also applies colour theory and working in  transparent colour to oils and acrylics, both featured in the two large paintings ,'Wild Horses-Oil' and ' The Bird Corridor-Acrylic 'at the beginning of this site.


P.G.Rob works in watercolours and oils with an occasional foray into acrylics. She also enjoys hand painting pottery and has taught various techniques to secondary school students and adults.

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Welcome to my professional Fine Artist. One of my defining principles is establishing an open dialogue between form and function in all aspects of my artwork. Look through my work to see this in action, and get in touch for more information.

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